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Durability means sustain­ability

The tables are packed with rattling equipment. The air is filled with sounds of sanding, the humming of the cold chamber and the occa­sional beep emitted when a test object fails to measure up. LOWA’s lab in Jetzendorf, Germany, is a key aspect of the shoe­maker’s commitment to high-quality products. | More …


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Safety in the mountains

As beautiful as moun­tain­eering is, as dangerous it can be. Your actions and your actions are based on personal respons­ibility and you are responsible for your actions, decisions and for your safety. Apart from choosing the right equipment, you should always keep an eye on your own fitness and condition. Over­con­fidence has no place in the mountains! | More …


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From hut to hut

Muddy shoes, noise in the middle of the night or hiking poles that have been knocked over: when overnighting in huts, there are a number of blunders that many hiking novices seem to commit with gusto. To ensure that your first overnight stay in a hut does not turn into a fiasco, outdoor footwear manu­facturer LOWA has compiled a few essential tips on hut etiquette. | More …


Corporate Respons­ibility

Not many industries are so obviously linked to nature as the outdoor industry. Corporate respons­ibility (CR) and sustain­ability have therefore become increasingly important in recent years. High-quality materials and equipment, whose form and function must meet special, often very demanding usage requirements, need to be durable and robust as well as not harmful to health and the envir­onment. | More …

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Find your perfect LOWA shoe in less than five minutes. | More …

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Kids’ corner

Here you can find out lots of exciting things about LO & WA and LOWINGO. | More …