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Bei unseren ausgewählten Handels­fach­partnern wird die Beratung großges­chrieben. Falls Dein Wunschmodell beim Händler vor Ort nicht auf Lager ist, kann er Dir den Schuh bei LOWA bestellen.

“3 weeks after an ampu­tation of his right big toe, my husband (82) walks without any problems thanks to the right footwear. Great advice, great service and very good quality. Top!”

“Once again I received great advice from Ms. Wendland. She recognized at a glance what my feet need. She is always friendly and very know­ledgeable. You are very happy to come because you are always given good advice. Thanks alot!”

“I am very enthu­siastic about the good teamwork between the branches. I would like to espe­cially thank Ms. Wiener from the branch in Bornheim, who helped me very spon­tan­eously and unbur­eau­crat­ically in searching for and finding a special product. Together with her also very friendly colleague in Beuel, I managed to complete my suitcase at very short notice. Thank you very much and greetings from France.”

“I was only in the store briefly to look at the shoes. During that time I was given very good advice. I will definitely go there again with a little more time.”

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